Studio Production

Growing businesses with video for 40+ years

Studio Production

The creative team at Studio5 combines years of production experience with technology to bring your product to the forefront.

We offer a wide range of studio production services tailored specifically for you! Let Studio5 help bring your ideas to life with video post-production editing, audio engineering, as well as on-site recording or multi-camera live streaming from our studio. 
Want something extra? Host your next corporate event at our studio, with plenty of room for guests, entertainment and live streaming capabilities.

Production Studio

At Mudd’s Production Studio, we offer an expansive 3200 sq. ft creative facility that offers a plethora of video production solutions to bring your project visions into reality. From large-scale studio productions and live broadcasts streaming with multiple cameras, through to multimedia events or intimate recordings in the sound booth – our capabilities are endless! Our state-of-the art space features a giant infinity wall & green screen area for various shooting possibilities backed by top equipment and talent resources; making even larger group event projects achievable in no time.


Video Production

Today, videos play a prominent role in successful digital marketing strategies. Mudd helps you strategize and produce all the content you need for a successful campaign. Also ensure you maximize your website visibility and engagement with video marketing! Consumers are more likely to click through when they view videos from a business – providing an excellent opportunity for dealerships of all sizes. Capitalizing on this high level of video consumption can boost search engine optimization, brand awareness, and ultimately drive traffic towards the desired destination: Your Website. Get creative by creating content or inventory-related videos that will entice customers to learn more about you!


Targeted Digital Video




Cable and TV


Programmatic Video

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Audio Production

Activate your target customers with radio and streaming audio – the personal medium that’s perfect for driving key advertising metrics. Our media planning, creative elements, and dedication to measurement will help you reach audiences at a fraction of the cost compared to other types of advertisements while producing impressive real-world results. Make sure you include audio in your overall media mix; it could be just what takes your campaigns to new heights!



Streaming Audio

Struggling to make a connection with potential customers?

We are here to help! With our comprehensive suite of full-service marketing and advertising services, you can trust us to use our experience and resources to deliver powerful messages right into their hands. Let’s bring your strategy to life through engaging content, creative design & dynamic advertising.